Are you tired of reliving your PAST? Do you find yourself reacting to these memories —your childhood, various conflicts you have experienced–Poor decisions which you have made, —Trauma’s which you have experienced– Military memories and the things which you refuse to talk about or will never tell anyone. You are finding yourself feeling it in both your thought and body every time you go there and are unable to quiet things down?


I am constantly living in the past and I am unable to get and stay in the present. Why am I the one always stuck and unable to change. What am I missing? I feel BLOCKED.


What is causing me to be so fearful of the future? I always feel like I am a victim. I am always self-sabotaging myself. Why am I so negative about life. I am always seeking help but no one can offer me any new suggestions, they are all telling me the same things. Is there nothing new?


Discover your PEACE by getting a voice activated scan with URenergywellness. Looking at the informational blocks within your body-field.

Have an informed evaluation looking at:

  • 45 points from your PAST.
  • 41 points from your PRESENT
  • 18 points from your FUTURE
  • 18 BELIEFS
  • 11 Points of Hero’s Journey
  • Brain Performance

This is a non-invasive and non-diagnostic scan. Only looking at information blockages which makes us out balance. Rather than looking for what problems that is causing the imbalances we just bring the imbalance back to the standard you are born with.

Upon finding the areas of blockages they are prioritized. We are then able to release the blocks using voice technology with evidence-based Thought Field Therapy (TFT) with FAST-AIDE.