Jim As the Healer

In 2007 I took Donna Eden’s 5-day Energy Medicine training. At the training I had the opportunity to have Donna read my life color. At the time I was not sure about the accuracy of such a reading but over the years I have found it to be spot on. I was found to be a Grand (Triple) Violet with Purple-Like Sean Connery.

“Violets—“The Visionary” They are seekers on a solo path, towards spiritual growth. They have brilliant ideas. Work-a-holics. They are very psychic but can get caught too much in their mind, makes it hard to reach their intuition. They like to control their world Perfectionists. Constantly seeking and feel satisfied on their path”

“Purple-The Grounded Healer” They carry deep wisdom, psychic, and healing abilities naturally. They are grounding for other to heal and transition. They bring security and a deep connective intimacy to relations. They hold balance in between the worlds.

Jim with Donna and David

 The following are pictures of my Aura’s taken over the years of my attending the ACEP conferences.