F.A.S.T – A.I.D.E

F.A.S.T.-A.I.D.E. was developed by Tom Greenhalgh and myself, with over 70 years of combined experience working with these individuals with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Veterans, and First Responders.  We recognized that there were other areas in recovery that needed to be addressed and was not being done.

There are several energy modalities which are releasing the events within the brain, but no one was releasing the events that are stored in the body. Dr. Bessel van de Kolk speaks of how the body retains energy of the event in the body and also that insight does not get to the part of the brain in which the energy of the event is stored in his book The Body Keeps Score.

Another area we had a challenge with was getting these individuals to be able to feel with out setting off their reactions to the event being worked on. We were able to do that by adapting a from of energy testing which would indicate if the energy flow were blocked or not. This allowed them to release any energy trapped in the three brains and the water in the cells. Upon releasing the negative energy, the individual can replace that energy with a positive image and create an anchor that they may go to anytime when things would go negative.

This approach has been found to be extremely effective having used it for over the past four years with almost two thousand individuals at SpiritLife Inc., Treatment Center. When you have individuals coming to SpiritLife Inc., for the purpose of meeting with me and having every client seeing me at their request is an indicator that TFT with Fast-Aide is working.

Jim Mc Aninch and Tom Greenhalgh, work with First Responders and other caregivers who have suffered serious psychological traumas, helping with evidence-base Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and healing.  Jim and Tom helped me address the partial paralysis of my vocal cord. I immediately experienced the sensations of a strong healing, with modest physical heaviness and tiredness that lasted several days.  Over the following several weeks, for the first time in my life, my memories opened to specific experiences in the years of abuse I had experienced during my early childhood. Although not within their conscious intention in offering the healing, this was of enormous help to me in clearing my trauma, using Energy psychology methods, on deeper levels than I have achieved over several previous years. Here is how they explain their approaches:

We have developed an assessment and treatment method known as FAST-AIDE®. This method combines a variety of energy modalities and concepts with both human ad digital assessment methods to provide psychological and often physical relief from emotional life events.

FAST-AIDE® has been used primarily with Public Safety Personnel, Military Veterans, those challenged by Addictions and in the world of Crisis Intervention. A key component is the removal of the need to talk about the challenge the client faces, a major component of many traditional treatment methods. The option to talk about their challenges is still available to clients if they would like to do so.  This model has recently been used and tested in a residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center with hundreds of clients using the model and reporting significant and lasting results after only a single session.