Jim Mc Aninch Certifications

Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP)—(1990-present)

CEAP No 016262

Certified Trauma Responder (CTR)—(5/02-Prresent)

CTR#: 0502-R080

Certified Recovery Coach—September 2020

Certified Energy4Life Coach —-2020

Certified Nes Health Practitioner—July 2015

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner


Energy Coaching Trainings:

 Bio-Well Level 1/Advanced Certification Course June 2020

Healing Code II–2016

Healing Codes I — 2010

Advanced Clearing Energetics Level 5—Master (2014)

Nes Health Pro Vision & MiHealth Practitioner (01-14)

 Advanced Clearing Energetics Levels 1-3 (2013) Level 1 Trainer

Body Code July 2013

Rapid Relief from Trauma (10-2012)

Meta Healing Process Level 1 (04-2012)

Body Talk: Principles of Consciousness (Mod 3) (09-2011)

Body Talk Access   (09-2011)

Body Talk: Fundamentals Integration & Advanced Procedures (08-2011)

Body Talk: Fundamentals (Mod 1 and 2)          (06-2011)

Ask and Receive   (05-2011)

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (2010)


Callahan Techniques Ltd

Thought Field Therapy Advanced Vibrational Tuning     June 24, 25, 2020

Thought Field Therapy Advanced Optimal Health     Nov 2008, Oct, 2012, June 2013, July 2020

Thought Field Therapy Approved Algorithm I & II Instructor            Nov. 2001

Thought Field Therapy Advanced TFT and HRV                                 May 2001

Thought Field Therapy Diagnostic Training Steps A & B & C             May 2001

Thought Field Therapy Algorithm-Level I & II (Evidence-based Therapy)                Mar, 2000

Thought Field Therapy Algorithm Registered Certified Trainer (RCT) 2007

Allergy Antidotes –Basic & Advanced 2003

PSYCH-K—Practitioner, Basic & Advanced 2005/ 2012

Emotional Freedom Techniques –CC      Aug 2000


Tools of Comparative Analysis and Bioenergy Correction

Heart Quest—Heart Rate Variability

Bio-Well—Gas Discharge Visualization

Bio-Cor—device for correcting human energy field

Nes ProVision—Advanced Analysis Software for scanning the human body field

Mi-Health—Pulsed Magnetic Feedback (PMF)

AngioScan—CardioVascular System

Perkl-Light—creates a subtle energy field

CEM-Tech—uses milliwave technology