Jim is credentialed as a practitioner and instructor in many energy-based modalities, including those that use advanced technology. He started his energy training in 2000 with Roger Callahan and is an Algorithm Trainer in Thought Field Therapy and served as co-chair of their international ATFT Trauma Relief committee. Recently becoming trained as TFT-Advanced Vibrational Tuning (TFT-AVT). Thought Field Therapy is Listed as Evidence-Based Treatment by the U.S. Government.   Jim also co-founded F.A.S.T.-A.I.D.E., a trauma releasing approach.

Being a veteran of the Naval Mine Warfare Division during the Vietnam Era and being a journeyman of multiple trades and working as a Certified Employee Assistance Professional as a United Steelworker for 30 years helps in my understanding the struggles of all types of people. He has volunteered for the past 25 years with the Pittsburgh Critical Incident Stress Management team. Jim is an Approved ICISF Group, Peer, Suicide Awareness, Thought Field Therapy Instructor. He has had a paper published on his using TFT with Pittsburgh’s 9-1-1 Dispatchers.

Jim is currently the Trauma Specialist at Spiritlife Inc. a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility and has been on the Ethics committee of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) for the past eight years.

Jim specializes in helping individuals releasing blockage of trauma and information which hinders their recovery. This is achieved with little or no talk at all.  These blockages are released from both the thought field and within their body. He also includes a form of energy testing which enables them to feel the release. For Veterans, First Responders, and individuals with Substance Use Disorders (SUD’s)  do not Feel, Talk, or Trust. Talk is not Enough. He works both in person and remote